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We offer help and hope for children on the autism spectrum or with advanced developmental/social challenges.  Don’t settle for a facility that always promises progress “soon,” but provides only custodial care. 

At Wind Rose, we know that every child is unique.  Therefore, we offer a core of appropriate, challenging academics — wrapped with therapeutic and developmental support tailored to each student.  Use the easy form below.  Tell us about your child — and whether you are interested in on-site enrollment, life skills, ABA therapy — or our new ONLINE instruction programs!

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Whether you are facing the confusion of your child’s new diagnosis — or are experienced and looking for a better option — Wind Rose Academy & Life Skills Center represents a new chance for your child to navigate successfully through life. 

Wind Rose’s integrative model provides students all needed therapies, combined with an academic education and long-term life skills. Students connect and learn together through the house system, extra-curricular activities, and field trips– or together through our new full- and part-time ONLINE programs for students in the USA, Canada, & worldwide!

Wind Rose Academy represents a new generation of schools for children on the autism spectrum.  Here we meet each student’s unique needs — and optimize their ability to function and participate in adult society.

WRA Would Like to Recognize Our Premier Sponsor

Wind Rose Academy would like to thank Concept Connections, a premier provider of Autism/ABA Therapy, for all of their support. Whether you have a new diagnosis or are experienced and need a better option, Concept-Connections can help. 

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